Tom, Owner of Bella Brothers Construction: First, thanks for taking the time to check out our page. I hope this helps with making the decision to give us a call if you are in the beginning stages or to make the decision in trusting us with your home project. I am from Philadelphia (Kensington born and raised) with a hard work ethic that I accredit to both my parents. My father got me involved in carpentry at a young age after my Mom realized sitting still would never be in my favor. From St. Hughes and North Catholic I jumped into working and gaining every bit of knowledge from anyone who would teach me the trade. I decided to venture out taking my dad and brother with me and created Bella Brothers Construction Inc LLC, a true family business. I am here day in and day out working alongside the Bella Brothers Team to create the best outcome for your project. Give us a call and you will get that feel from the start.


Project Manager


Eric, Senior Project Manager: Eric, our senior project manager started with Bella Brothers Construction as a stepping stone into his 5-year retirement plan; 10 years later and he is still a main pillar of the Bella Brothers Construction team. Eric jokingly says we strive to get repeat customers so that he can never retire! On Eric’s downtime you can catch him hanging with the grandkids, relaxing by the bay and coming up with some killer snack trays to bring to his friend’s retirement parties. Eric can be reached by email at


Project Manager

Tom Jr., Project Manager: As a project manager your duties not only involve knowing the job inside and out but aiming to complete the job efficiently and effectively, while keeping a positive rapport with our customers and the team. That is why even the boss’s son, Tom Jr. had to be interviewed for the position. Tom Jr. grew up around construction and was put in every position so when it was his time to step up to the plate, he could get the job done. Tom was asked what are your hobbies when not working? He replied with a list that would be too long to type, but we summed it up to hanging with his family and doing anything he can to be outside.


Project Manager

Mike Forsythe, Project Manager: Mike Forsythe is a longtime family friend. When your project is handed to either Mike you will quickly feel you are taken care of. Mike, our newest member on the PM team (2 years) has not only been able to grow with the company, but says his goal is to have the customers feel excited about their project from beginning to end. Mike was asked what are your hobbies when not working? He answered “hanging with my boys” (His new addition, Mike Jr. and his pup Crocket).

*Before your project begins a project manager who is seen as the best fit, will be assigned to your project.



Arsan, Designer: Pinterest, Facebook and Houzz dream boards can get a bit overwhelming, but with the help of our designer, Arsan, he can make those boards become your reality! With over 1000 design projects with Bella Brothers Construction, you can come in with your dream already planned or with a fresh slate and know you are in the right hands. From kitchens, baths and additions Arsan has been able to master the tough designs of working with the specific pace you have or create a whole new one. From skills of AUTO CAD design and Sketchup, Arsan can show you your 2 & 3-D designs while assisting you with samples from floor to ceiling (literally).



Kathy, In-House Accountant: The Bella Brothers team was asked who is the nicest person to work with? Without hesitating the answer was Kath. Kathy, the in-house accountant has been a part of the team since 2006 and keeps the morale high. Of course, to be an accountant you must be excellent with numbers for checks and balances, but this also means your birthday and work anniversary is never forgotten. If you have the chance to meet with Kath you have probably found out that your grandparents were friends in the third grade or your sons played for the same team years ago. When Kath is not running numbers, she is running around with the grandkids, grand dogs or whipping up the best apple cake you could imagine.


Office Staff

Laura/Nicole, Office Staff: When first interacting with Bella Brothers Construction, it typically starts with the first call into our office. On the ring you are greeted by the knowledgeable office staff members Laura or Nicole who take on the information as if it’s their own project. Not only do they get your basic information during a friendly phone call, but with years’ experience, Laura and Nicole know the right questions to ask to get the most out of your project from the start. If you have visited our office/showroom you have already been greeted by a welcoming hello, but may have also gotten wrapped up in TV talk with these two.